Friday, October 31, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration October 2014

Happy Halloween! 
Today is Chalk-A-Bration, a celebration of chalk and poetry the last day of each month. This week we wrote a ghostly poem and students did chalk illustrations.

I asked students, "Tell me, what are some things ghosts will do or say?" Below is a list of their ideas made into a list poem. Then students took that idea and made their own illustrations for the poem.

Some students even tried to put some letters and words from the poem on their paper!

Here are all the chalker!

I hope you will join in for Chalk-A-Bration by leaving your link in the comments!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration September 2014

It's been a fun few weeks in kindergarten! We have been chalking about the moon using a favorite poem from Amy Ludwig Vanderwater  at The Poem Farm as our inspiration!

Here is the poem we used from Amy:


And here we are chalking some stars to go with our moon and poem!
Here is our hallway display of the moon, stars and poem!

Join in the chalking fun here in the comments. Link your chalk and visit the other chalkers!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Prepare To Be Emazed!

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a new tool for presentations called Emaze. It is much like Prezi but even faster and easier to make a presentation for your next session, classroom lesson or frankly just for fun. I sipped my coffee and made a presentation in about fifteen minutes. Simple! There are great templates and some Emaze presentations already created that offer inspiration. The other nice feature is you can make them private or public, as opposed to Prezi where all presentations are public. Very nice should you want your content to be viewed only by certain audiences and not shared.

Check it out and see if you can be Emazed!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration August 2014

It's here again! I am sure many of you are getting ready or have already started school. I start on Tuesday and can't wait to share Chalk-A-Bration with a new batch of kiddos. Here is my chalk for the day. If you missed July's post I included all the chalk dates and links to shirts! Get a shirt!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration July 2014

Chalk dust 
like seeds
planting poetry.

Go out and plant some poems with chalk today! Link it up here and visit the other chalkers. 

How about a shirt?
Chalk-A-Bration now has shirts to let you show off your chalky selves. Here are some links to get to the shop and some customized shirts too (men's short sleeve, women's short sleeve, women's long sleeve)!

Would you like the dates for all the upcoming Chalk-A-Bration celebrations?
Here they are!

Sunday, August 31st
Tuesday, September 30th
Friday, October 31st
Sunday, November 30th
Wednesday, December 31st
Saturday, January 31st
Saturday, February 28th
Tuesday, March 31st
Thursday, April 30th
Sunday, May 31st
Tuesday, June 30th
Friday, July 31st

Monday, June 30, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration June 2014

Check out the new image for Chalk-A-Bration! Hope you like it. Copy and paste to your post today if you like!

I did some camping this past week at my favorite state park near Lake Michigan. I love it there. It has everything. Bike trails, walking trails, beach for miles, a river, a smaller lake in the middle of the park and of course ice cream at every camp store. What could be better? I found myself feeling refreshed after a long school year and a busy summer ahead; it was a nice break. 
While on the beach I made a very organic display of the word Poetry. Loved it! It's hard to see on the sandy background but you can just make it out. 

But, now onto the chalk. I decided to do a throwback to one of my first chalked poems back before Chalk-A-Bration even existed. It is still a favorite. 

Link up your chalk in the comments! Here comes July!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration May 2014

HI Chalkers! Hope you are having a great end to your school year. I still have a couple weeks to go but we are still chalking and having a great time together.
I recently discovered Prezi and put together a little presentation about Chalk-A-Bration. It is very simple but was fun to put together. Click to view and see the Chalk-A-Bration videos from yesterday's celebration!