Monday, July 18, 2011

What if I Don't?

Pictured is the daunting stack of books on my "to read" list. Mind you, no individual is pressuring me do this, but it is what I feel is necessary for my growth as a reader/teacher. That is why I started this blog to begin with, to motivate myself to get through these many beautiful books I had sitting at my bedside, (which has grown since I began almost a year ago and they are on the floor next to my bed now because I couldn't see my alarm clock). 
Here's the thing...I look at this stack with excitement because I want to know what is inside these books. However, it takes a lot of commitment to read this much for the purpose of learning. I don't know where to start, especially since I have started many of them and not finished them, (shocking isn't it). Do I set a goal, a number of pages a day I will commit to reading? Then what if I don't? And what if some of the books don't seem to deliver, do I give up on them or continue out of respect?  Not sure I should worry about pace or a goal yet, but maybe just a little attainable goal wouldn't be so bad. Seems I haven't really answered my first question. Hmm...probably should get reading.

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