Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I've Got My Eye on You!

How do you monitor student learning? I hear different opinions on this topic as well as varying styles of the task.
I know by now if I don't write it down, make an appointment, create a checklist, or take notes on students learning--I will not remember. I think when I first started teaching and didn't have great tools for monitoring I was probably under an illusion that, "I know my students!" To some degree I did know them and probably could make good predictions of what they could/could not do at different points in the year. However, the actual day to day notes are so powerful for my day to day teaching...I can't imagine not doing it now!
This year I set a goal to lessen gaps in student progress. I think we all want to do this, but I am going to chart it better this year. I am starting with the foundational skill of letters/sounds and monitoring much more closely than I ever have before. Here is the monitoring form I am using. I am only checking in monthly with those who have not yet met the given target. It has also helped me figure out...if a students is missing just a couple letters/sounds I can easily sit with them to work on that during independent reading. 
I hope that the closer monitoring will get my "eyes on kids" a little closer and get me to be a little more intentional when I am making plans for them!
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elsie said...

It's all about being intentional. You are making a difference for your students by monitoring them so closely.

teacherdance said...

Oh I agree that notes about progress and observations often help us see what is missing or needed. It's terrific that you have found a form that works for you. I hope you'll write about how this has helped the students progress. I like your plans!

Christy Rush-Levine said...

Your renewed "intention" is definitely clear in your last few blog posts. Each little tool we use has the potential to make all the difference for our students! I really enjoy reading your posts- you are truly a reflective professional.

Anonymous said...

Clever photo...I'm working on this too. My colleagues and I have just been bantering about a tool. A form to document this process and progress is so necessary.