Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best Part of Someone's Day

I was preparing a bunch of little notepads, odds and ends, etc for the Secret Santa gift exchanges that are happening this week. I had purchased a mix of notepads, never really looked at them closely--I just love notepads! I pulled one out of the pile and read the top, "You are the best part in someone's day."

Those were some words I needed to carry with me today. A day when I really did not think I had enough patience to make it all the way through. A day when it sometimes seemed as though I might just slip right over the edge. But, I had those little words cycling through my negative dialogue and they kept pulling me back into reality. A reality that if I remain grounded I cannot slip.  That we've all visited the edge and most of us balance on it just fine. That little quote kept me balanced.

By the way, in case you need this tomorrow, remember:
You are the best part in someone's day.


Linda at teacherdance said...

I love those serendipitous moments when something, some tiny little something, comes along to save you. I also believe that not everyone 'gets' the message, and you did! It's terrific that you used this lovely message to hold onto through your rough day. Maybe your students who get the notebook will, too? Happy vacation!

JenniferM said...

What a wonderful message and how nice that it came just when you needed it! I hope whoever you pass it on to carries that thought with them too! Thanks for sharing such a powerful statement! And I hope you are doing ok! We slicers are certainly glad you are part of our day!

elsie said...

It's amazing that the right words at the right time make such a difference in our day. You never know which words will make a difference. I hope you have a better day tomorrow, remember you are the best part of someone's day. I love that thought!

Loralee said...

Oh! I love that line! Wonderful reminder!