Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Look at Booklets

I am continually inspired and amazed at what my students are doing with the choice and freedom to create books!
That statement sounds a little bit, rosy, to say the least, but I can say with assurance it is genuine.
Over the past few days I have been looking over student work. I still need to do some, "looking back," but I am really happy with where my students are and looking forward to where they are going.

Most students have gone through the booklet process about three times now and below are some sequenced examples of this work. Following the pics I have a few next steps I am hoping to get going to ensure even better outcomes.

As I was taking pictures of work, it was funny, I realized that two of my students wrote about the same thing and you can see so many similarities but also the difference of where they are in their writing process and understanding. They are also both clearly very proud of their work.

I's Story
 Cici was at my house.

 Me and Cici was eating.

 She hasn't written or dictated here yet, but I love the arrow she drew to show the direction of the people.

 Also no writing or dictation yet, but I think they are in their sleeping bags!

C's (Cici) Story
 I was going to I's house and my mom dropped me off. 

 I went to I's and I spent the night.

 And we went to bed and we love the (?). 
Not sure what they love, but I want to know!

 I ate breakfast. 
I am not sure if C is done yet, but she is certainly putting the whole story together in her booklet.

L's Non-Fiction Story
 The Classroom

 The teacher.

 I love that he did a non-fiction story. I can't wait to have him share this with the class. I think it will lead into several new ideas for students. 

"What do you know a lot about?" 
I can't wait to ask kids this question. I think it will get them motivated to take on a new challenge. It will also push me to use some non-fiction text in my mini-lessons, in turn pushing the wealth of knowledge students already have brewing in their little brains!

Some of my other next steps will be to record and monitor student behaviors when writing. Who tunes out the noise or buzz in the room? Who needs it quiet? Who needs to sound out every word, noise that is not intentionally disruptive, but actually necessary for that student to process through the words in his or her story? Who is quick and who isn't? Who gets distracted and who doesn't? I think more behaviors will present themselves when I start  to really look.  I am hoping that by understanding their writing needs I will be able to help students get in the right spot, the right light, near the right people etc., to put out their best work. 
I am looking forward to the next few weeks of writing and hope to have a post soon on the non-fiction ideas that are soon to come!


elsie said...

These are very cool books! I love looking at kindergarten writing. I will be sharing your journey with some doubting kindergarten teachers. Thanks for including all the pictures.

JenniferM said...

Wow, so cute and exciting! Congrats on being brave enough to implement a change that obviously benefits your students! Way to go, and thanks for sharing their work samples!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these samples and what you are thinking about next.