Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stages in Writing, Part Four

Here are two examples that represent a majority of my class at this point in the year. Almost all students are including titles on their cover, their full name as the author and illustrator, as well as one or two statements. However, the statements and ideas are not always connected. This is an example of not talking enough each day! If I want the details and examples within their stories to improve and connect, I first have to work on their oral language skills. I hope to increase the talking time before each part with these students and hopefully see more detail and story organization. I think as long as there is enough rehearsal time and processing through drawing each day, the depth of their writing will benefit.

Author #1

 Title: Me and My Brother

Me and my brother.

Me and my brother play nerfs.

Author #2

 Title: Things I Like (He and I worked together on this title to somehow tie together all his stories).

I was going to lunch.

I was watching tv.

I was playing my DS.

I was going on vacation with my papa.

This is a map of his papa's neighborhood. This picture was side by side with the above.

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