Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Social Stories in the Workshop

Every year is so different. I am always thankful for the students I have and the differences that challenge me each year. This year has posed new challenges and pushed me further. I have found this year that aspects of workshop time are overwhelming because of the number of transitions. There are materials to gather and talking and listening and drawing and on and on. I love all these things but not everyone does and it can be very challenging for even the brightest five year old! :)
I really feel that there will be great improvement as we sprint toward spring but in the meantime I decided today I would focus on creating some social stories and individual charts tailored to specific students. I really think this is going to benefit my whole class and hopefully create some confidence.

Take a look here at a class-size chart we can clip our way through as we progress in workshop time. This chart serves a different purpose than the other anchor charts that help children with the actual writing of workshop time. This will hopefully help students organize their time and work comfortably and happily.

Have you had your slice today?
You can go get several over at Two Writing Teachers with Ruth and Stacey. ENJOY!


Linda at teacherdance said...

I like the sharing of your pictures & charts especially Robin. Very fun to see what it looks like.

elsie said...

Love your charts! Can't wait to hear how they worked for you. I can see the potential in them.

Christy Rush-Levine said...

That is true use of formative assessment. You know exactly what your students need. The best part is that your explanation makes it clear that if this doesn't do the trick, you will continue to problem solve until you find just the thing to help each student.

wakeupandwrite said...

It is so wonderful to see the charts that teachers are making to support our youngest learners. I love that you have photos of the children to connect the intent of the content.

Robin said...

I love this Betsy! You are such a thoughtful, reflective teacher who really has her students best interests at heart all of the time. I love being across the hall and reaping the benefits too! :)

Ruth Ayres said...

I've missed your voice on your blog (but so very thankful you've been leaving me comments). Your chart is wise and I look forward to sharing it with a group of primary teachers I'll be working with next week.
Hope it is proving productive in writing workshop. :)