Monday, April 29, 2013

Writing a HOW TO...with Kindergartners--Stage Two

A few weeks ago some HOW TO writing was tried out in my kindergarten classroom. In the beginning we read examples, talked and did a shared writing example. Students explored the HOW TO's with hands on activities and we really immersed ourselves into teaching someone else how to do something.
Then we got further into the process.

Students were able to talk with partners and with the group in our "sharing circle" about their ideas. I had modeled the planning process of the HOW TO with both words and pictures. It was now their turn. Here is one example of what a student did with the plan. I am a bit partial to this story since it is about writing a book. Sigh...

Everyone filled out the plan and talked about it with a "knees and noses" partner. Then each got started on their booklet.

"How to Make a Book"

 "First you talk."
(I think it also says, "about writing" but she did not say that when she told me and I didn't notice right away...ugh, opportunity missed).

 "Then you get a piece of paper. Get a pencil and crayons."
(It is fun for me to notice what she needs here. She has it organized for herself but not with her reader in mind. Some lines might be a good next step for her when she has multiple things to say on a page).

 "Then you color."
(Did you notice the perspective here. She has done the drawing so we see the back or above the writer. I loved that).
"Then you write."

"Then color."
It took about two-four days for students to do their plan and then transfer it to a booklet. I modeled this process and showed student models who had moved quickly into this phase of the writing. It went quite smoothly and the students seemed very satisfied with their work. Then we moved into stage three...publishing and celebrating. Coming soon.

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Robin said...

Awesome How To work here! I like your planning page as well. Can't wait to hear about the publishing and celebrating!