Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chalk-A-Bration June 30th

 I DO!

Don't forget, it is right around the corner. Go on! Buy some chalk, go outside and write some favorite poetic words, original or not! Then photograph them and link them here on June 30th! I will be off the grid but that doesn't mean you can't be chalking. I just won't be commenting or rounding you up until I return. If you have access to some kids (or kids at heart) get them chalking too.
UPDATE: There might be some wifi in my location, cross your is currently only a rumor ;)
My first chalk poem, sigh. Where it all began.

The post will be up and ready for you so be sure to share some chalky goodness for all to see.

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What is chalk-a-bration you ask? Click here for the back story.
Still there? What if you don't have a blog...well, first I would say GET ONE AND START WRITING, but...if you aren't ready to do that, send me your photo and I will add you to the post as soon as I can:


LInda Baie said...

Wherever you're going 'off the grid', have fun, Betsy! I'll be chalking!

Robin said...

The kids and I are looking forward to Chalk-a-brating together. Enjoy your trip off the grid!

Margaret Simon said...

I did chalk-u with some kids in my writing camp a few weeks ago but my pictures are not too clear. Can I just post the poems they wrote? This is such a fun idea. Thanks!