Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chalk-A-Bration 2013--July!

 Chalk-A-Bration is HERE!!
What a great month for chalking, I hope you have found some time to get dusty and put your words and pictures out there. Here is my chalk-a-brated offering of the day!

words flee
like a bee
to a hive
of poetry

Earlier this month my husband's family and I chalked on the fourth of July while camping. Here are some samples of everyone's work!

My toes :)

 Gavin and Janie

 Samantha working hard.

 Samantha's wordle of sorts with everyone's name...there were 16 of us!

Janie, little artist!


come fireworks.
~John, Gavin and Elliot all have a little piece in this masterpiece!

 Shawn added some illustrations to his poem.

 Hello in several languages, Samantha!

Elliot, another budding artist!

I couldn't fit the whole poem in  a photo, but here it is below. 

Stars bursting
color through the
expelling darkness
expanding light
souls soar higher
near the sun
with blinding brightness
all are one


Okay, now it's your turn. Link up your chalky poem or illustration in the comments today or tomorrow and I will add you to the post!

Here We Go!!!

Margaret Simon, from Reflections on the Teche, borrowed some children and chalked. She even took a moment to teach an incoming kindergartner what a poem is and he wrote one! (You know I loved that). Keep waving your magic wand Margaret!
Robin, from Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders, brings some chalk from her own children and some soon to be kindergarten students!
Check out Ramona, at Pleasures From the Page sharing her chalk haiku about the school year that is just around the corner!