Monday, June 30, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration June 2014

Check out the new image for Chalk-A-Bration! Hope you like it. Copy and paste to your post today if you like!

I did some camping this past week at my favorite state park near Lake Michigan. I love it there. It has everything. Bike trails, walking trails, beach for miles, a river, a smaller lake in the middle of the park and of course ice cream at every camp store. What could be better? I found myself feeling refreshed after a long school year and a busy summer ahead; it was a nice break. 
While on the beach I made a very organic display of the word Poetry. Loved it! It's hard to see on the sandy background but you can just make it out. 

But, now onto the chalk. I decided to do a throwback to one of my first chalked poems back before Chalk-A-Bration even existed. It is still a favorite. 

Link up your chalk in the comments! Here comes July!