Celebrate Chalketry!
Chalk and Poetry put together in illustrations and words for all to read, share and enjoy. 

Back in March of 2012 my husband was outside with our children doing chalk on the driveway. He got the idea to write some song lyrics. This idea of writing words on our driveway spread. I started writing poems in chalk, then my husband started writing poems and my children drew pictures. It was fun!
Then, I began thinking, what if  others shared writing underfoot? What if someone, somewhere wrote their favorite poem or an original poem and someone else stumbled upon it? Instant smiles is what I thought. Chalk-A-Bration was born and has become a celebration both grown ups and children look forward to. 

Chalkabration has moved over to I Think in Poems starting April 30th 2017! 

Chalk-A-Bration is always the last day of each month!

Be sure to visit as many of the chalkers as you can to see what they created with their bare hands and some chalk.