Sunday, August 29, 2010

The "Write" Space

Writing in the classroom deserves a designated area.  This can sometimes be challenging.  Classrooms need so many places for all the little bodies not to mention all the materials.  I always notice that writing centers often only have a small desk with minimal materials.  Though these writing spaces are cute and may reflect a kind of "at my desk," experience for a young writer, I think there can be more thought put into this area of a classroom.  Aside from the writing that goes on in the classroom during workshop time or whole group writing students need to see the many ways writing can take place within all the areas of the classroom.  Setting up a creative arts area to house all materials for illustrating and writing is a place to begin.  Then it is important to make writing materials available in the other areas of the room.  Such as the block area for students to write out a building plan or the science area for writing observations and ideas about how something works or what they noticed.  Students can write about books they have read or create posters advertising a favorite book to their peers.  The list is endless, but if the materials are not available for students to utilize--they won't.  If you only allow two students at a writing center and then it is "full" your classroom may not be full of blooming authors.  If the writing experiences are constantly made available, opportunities will present, and the kids will write. 

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