Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chartchums are Awesome!

Chartchums is a great blog, if you have not visited yet, you should! It is funny, I was reading something there the other day and so often I see things that look like variations of a chart I have made, but there is always something new that I take away. I love it!
Today I tried a very simple example they had on their site the other day. It reads, Writers...1. Think and Plan, 2. Sketch and Write, 3. Revise with Joy.
Now, the only change I made to the one I did with my class today was number three--Revise and Publish. Then, on the chart, students simply place a sticky note to show what part of the process they are currently working on. Isn't that cool, and so simple! That is the best part.
So, I did the chart today, took some photos to add tomorrow, and I can't wait to add the sticky note part by the end of the week. I think it will be a great visual for me and my students to remind them that they are all within a process of writing, that it doesn't all happen in one day...even in the first weeks of kindergarten when  you're lucky if your story is one sentence. They can only do so much learning in one day! Anyway, just a very nice and simple way to manage my writing workshop a little more efficiently.
Guess what...I start writing buddies on Friday! Can't wait to see how it goes. Have a great week.


teacherdance said...

Thank you for sharing about the new site; it looks like something I can share with other teachers at my school. I also like that you adapted one of the charts to make it work for you. Sounds good!

NG said...

Chartchums is a wonderful site. I am hoping to share some of the charts with my classroom teachers.

Mrs Em said...

Thanks for sharing, great ideas.