Saturday, September 3, 2011

Website Resources for the Elementary Teacher

If you are just starting out or just want a fresh idea for writing in the kindergarten classroom this site will do the trick. It outlines the whole year and even includes great ideas for incorporating writing into different areas of the room. Lots to look at and lots of nice guiding information to help you through the school year.

Great Kindergarten Literacy Website

If you like to offer read-alouds over the computer or even better, project them onto a screen from your computer, here is a list of sites that offer online read-alouds!

This is a mix of things, resources and books.

This one you have to join, but there is a 30 day free trial. It costs $499 per school for a year; might be a nice grant idea?!

This is another nice one that you would need to join. The cost is 79.95 for one classroom per year. Very well worth the money as it gives your students access to the site at school and at home. Uniquely, the books are at their reading level and there are many resources for teachers!


Bets's Blog said...

Here is another site called, Read to Me!
Haven't tried it yet, but it was just recommended.

Bets's Blog said...

They keep appearing! Here is another good one :)

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