Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sneak Attack...

of Kindness!

Last week I was listening to a kids radio station and heard a great idea.
"Call in with your sneak attacks of kindness!"
Kids from all over were calling in and telling how they helped their moms, they smiled at people, helped a friend all kinds of little acts of kindness they noticed or participated in.
It inspired me to do a shared writing activity with my class about sneak attacks of kindness...what are they?
They knew and came up with a great list.

Later that day students drew and wrote their own special sneak attack of kindness. Then we paired our words with lovely watercolor illustrations today.
It was a warm and cozy kind of writers workshop day today. Watching them outline their sketches in black crayon. Carefully apply the watercolor paint like I demonstrated. I was shocked at how well it actually went. When they did their final draft of writing (in kindergarten this really just means re-writing the story again) they all looked great. I was so proud and impressed with their progress.
More photos to come later this week!

Did you experience a sneak attack of kindness today?

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Robin said...

Awesome Betsy! I love the idea of sneak attacks of kindness. My class has been talking a lot this week about filling people's buckets. I think it's high time we write about it. Thanks for the inspiration!

elsie said...

Can't wait to see the finished products. This is such a cool idea!

Anonymous said...

Today we all wrote messages of gratitude to one another in class - great send off for Thanksgiving. I'm going to set up stealth kindness when we return. Great idea.

Ruth Ayres said...

Love this!

Yes, I did experience a sneak attack of kindness -- when I read Robin's slice today!

For advent, the kids and I are planning a series of RACK events -- Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.


Jaana said...

Great idea! My fellow teacher brought me a special coffee this morning! Sneak attack of kindness in motion!

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

I did experience a sneak attack of kindness. It was when I brought Isabelle to the post office. The man behind the counter was incredibly kind to her, engaging her in conversation while I paid, and even giving her a priority mail sticker!

Great idea, Betsy!

Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

BTW: Have you see this, http://www.thekindnessprojectblog.com/?

Christy Rush-Levine said...

Sneak Attack sounds like so much more fun and so much more intentional than "random act." The contrast between attack and kindness is especially playful. I love it!

Linda at teacherdance said...

I did RAK with my students for a lot of years, Betsy. I wish we could have heard of this, too. Great idea. It sounds like your kindergarteners loved it, too. My sneak attack today was a 'thanku' comment from a friend. Hm-m-I wonder who?

Maureen said...

Love this idea - and love that the ideas on the list all involved kindness with their family. What a great day you had!

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater said...

Oh, please do share those finished projects...so so lovely. What a blessing you are in these children's lives...and in ours. xo, a.