Monday, November 5, 2012

You Will Love Ralph!

Visit Kellee and Jen at Teach Mentor Texts for the best of the blogosphere's current reading! I always leave their meme with a list and several tabs of other great books to check out. 

"Did you see Stacey's post yet? If not, go read it." My bestie colleague buddy messaged.

I listened, went and read. Then rearranged my day so I could go get the book Ralph Tells a Story by Abby Hanlon, because I could tell, it was going to be that good.

I looked online to see if my library had it, check! I would just have to go to the branch that is a bit further away. I knew it would be worth it.
I got there and was totally disoriented, it was not my normal library. Looking, trying not to look lost. Feeling the eyes of the security guard on my back. Of course filling my bag because even though I am only there for one book I got seven.
Then...finally...victory. Into my bag, checkout, go home.
As soon as my feet hit my living room my kids were running up, "what'd you get?"

We love Ralph! He is the perfect reluctant writer and he is a brilliant storyteller. He has supporting characters, Daisy and his teacher. "Stories are everywhere!" Is what his teacher always says!
This story is so realistic and the quirky illustrations depict a workshop environment. You see it all unfolding in the little classroom of writers.
I hope if you teach prek-first, maybe even second you will give it a glance. And, even if you teach higher grades, go get it and read it anyway because we all have a Ralph or know a Ralph or two or three. This book is a must read.

Here is Stacey's post including an interview with Abby Hanlon! 


Lady In Read said...

i am loving Ralph too now:) thanks so much

Maria said...

I love your description of getting this book in your hands. And it looks fun! My 3yo may get a kick out of it. Thanks!

Linda at teacherdance said...

Love it-& I did read Stacey's post & put it on my list, Betsy. It's just hard to leave the library without more books, isn't it? I enjoyed your entire story, & also enjoyed this recent post about your workshop. Since I've been observing one of my interns at those same ages, it's nice to see someone else telling about it too. Thanks.

Maureen said...

You have enticed me! This book sounds like so much fun. I will read Stacey's post next. I really loved your description of your children meeting you at the door, wanting to discover the books you had found! Precious.

Robin said...

After reading Stacey's interview I went straight to the computer and ordered my own copy of Ralph! It just arrived today! I cant't wait to read it to my students!