Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mikaluh's Visuals

Yesterday I introduced you to Mikaluh. Several weeks ago we started to use more visuals for her to support her during workshop time. This time of day had been very difficult for her, as it is for many people who have autism. Learning to write is a tricky process anyway. A messy process. If you are someone that likes things to fall into place in a certain way, writing does not necessarily fit real well into that plan.

Here is a series of pictures we use with the whole class to help students transition through the writing workshop process each day.

In the video I demonstrate how Mikaluh moves the green magnet. As she finishes one task for the day she moves the magnet. She also has a personal copy in book form with text that tells a story about writing workshop. I will try to share that before the month is over. It has been so wonderful to watch her make the progress she is making in this area of her day. She enjoys workshop time and is feeling success! 

P.S. I made this video before school and you can hear my daughter in the background listening to a story on the computer. :)


elsie said...

I think the accommodations you create to ensure the success of your students, is simply awesome.

Lindsay Allen said...

I love this post! Thank you for sharing these visuals with us. At my school, we house the Autism program for the district; so, we have around 50 students on the spectrum. This is definitely a tool that I will be sharing with my staff. Thanks!

Linda at teacherdance said...

What a terrific idea, for your student, but also for those with severe challenges in executive functioning. I'll share this, Betsy!

Mrs. V said...

I enjoyed seeing a glimpse into your thinking for making workshop accessible to all of your learners, providing the scaffolding they need. Thanks for sharing.