Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social Story Tools

Here is the social story I hoped to share. I wrote this to help my student Mikaluh with the structure of our workshop time. It really seemed to help and she has often enjoyed reading the story to the class.

Mikaluh's Social Story

There are so many transitions to writing. So many materials. It is fun but can be so complex. What we found with Mikaluh was that transitioning or pressing pause on a piece of writing was very difficult. Therefore we started using the phrase, "If I don't finish today, that's okay!" The whole class began to join in and it has been a sweet moment of workshop time. It really feels okay and frankly it has made that transition easier for a lot of folks. I enjoy when something that was a necessity for one ends up being pretty great for someone else too. 


elsie said...

That is an awesome story you have for Mikaluh. It really takes her through the workshop. You are the bomb for kindergarten teachers. :-)

Robin said...

I love your story - what a gem that is for Mikalah! I am imagining how great this would be for the whole class after winter break and spring break to help transition back into workshop. Thanks for sharing it today!

Linda at teacherdance said...

What a wonderful gift for Mikalah and then for others. I love when teachers find a "something" that works, makes it their own. Sounds as if Mikalah is in a very good place, Betsy.