Friday, September 2, 2011

A CAFE Menu :)

So I have been dabbling in The Sister's, CAFE book and really like what I am reading. I found a CAFE menu for emergent readers on their website and am very excited about the possibilities. The sister's once again give a great management tool to the teacher who is oh so busy trying to build a community of readers!
In the emergent menu, as they so neatly call it, the letters stand for C--comprehension, A--accuracy, F--fluency of letters, words and sounds, E--expanding concepts of print.
I felt like this seemed so appropriate for my "just beginning" readers. So many come with little to no understanding of alphabetic principle and many with even fewer retelling or comprehension skills. Everyone wants to be more focused and intentional and the best way to do this is with excellent management. I really feel like Ms. Moser and Ms. Boushey have given me some great tools to do just that and I hope to take a picture of my beautiful CAFE menu when it is up and ready for students!

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