Saturday, October 29, 2011

Third Grade Buddies Help Reinforce the Visual Plan

Here are some photos of my students with their third grade buddies. They are taking them through the steps of the visual plan. It was so great to see each student with an engaged partner asking them "who" and "what" questions. As much as I wish kindergarteners were as effective planning pals with each other, it is a tough process to get everyone listening, sharing and on task. It is nice to have some third graders to help model proper behavior and questioning as we keep trying this with each other during writer's workshop. Also included in the photos are the collaborative artwork and writing of the students following the plan. It was really fun, and you will definitely enjoy the stories and illustrations.
                                 Talking through our stories.

                       Getting one part of the story on paper together.

                  (I am building a fort with my dad).



                              (I am in the pet store looking for a cat).

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Lori Van Hoesen said...

Hi! Haven't been reading blogs lately, but this entry is especially intriguing. My fifth grade kids are buddies to second graders and we've only met twice. I'm thinking we should do this!