Sunday, January 6, 2013

Floating Stories

Prior to going on break I was trying to think about the foundations I wanted to continue building on when January came around. I knew that I would need to turn my attention back a bit and really re-focus my students on how to talk about their writing. How to plan their writing verbally. How to listen to someone else talking about their writing. Then I realized I didn't need to wait until January to review these topics, in fact maybe late December was a good time to review. In prior lessons on talking I used a catchy phrase, "knees and noses," to remind them how to sit and look at there partner during our "talking" time. I decided to ask them what "knees and noses," meant and what we would need to remember when we came back in January that we might otherwise forget. Then I made small charts of their thinking for them to use while practicing during the last week of school before winter break.

I go back to school tomorrow. This evening I made a larger version of the chart to share with the students on Monday. I am hopeful that some of the images and language will be familiar.
I hope to get each of the steps in the writing process clearly re-charted and visible for review as we get closer to the start of the second semester of kindergarten. I can't wait to hear all their stories tomorrow.

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