Thursday, April 25, 2013

Writing a HOW TO...With Kindergartners--Stage One

We started working on HOW TO non-fiction writing about two weeks ago. The students did better than I seems like that happens a lot! I should start by saying we read some HOW TO books prior to starting this process. We began by taking a subject they knew a lot about already, hand washing. We made a plan that matched the format they would receive in a few days.

The students watched and participated in planning a HOW TO shared writing using words/phrases. Below is the chart of this work.
 Then we continued to read books that taught us something new! You can see we also tried out these fun projects.

After reading about slime we made a short plan summarizing the steps we would use when making the slime using words and pictures.

This slime recipe was what I always called Oobleck. It is corn starch, water and food coloring. This was the recipe in the book so we went with it!

It was a fun day to start thinking about what students would want to teach someone else. Can't wait to share  Writing a HOW TO...With Kindergartners--Stage Two. 


Linda B said...

Love oobleck (or slime). Looks like a lot of fun & a good intro to the research & writing parts, Betsy!

Robin said...

I love your approach to How To' must be awesome to be a student in your classroom!