Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chalk-ety Chalk

Ah, here we are once again. Welcome. It is so nice to see you.

 Borrowing from my other blog, I Think in Poems, is the above cup of words. That is all a poem is really. A cup of words that you sip from and then listen to the stories spill into you. Just enough words at the perfect temperature because they are from your heart. Poems are nothing to be afraid of. Instead they are a celebration. One never to be forgotten. Look around you and see all the cups of words that surround you. We don't realize how many poems we are walking past everyday. When you write your words for others to walk by they are bound to resonate with someone. And it spreads. Go spread your joy and chalk a poem. Anytime in the next few days. I don't care if it is today or next week, if you share your words you will bring happiness to many.

You drink
the sky
your eye
up high
you are
the light
your face 
sun bright.

Remember, you can also chalk an illustration and simply share the words through your keyboard too. Illustrations convey an important part in the art of sharing. 

Comment if you like but definitely share your link below and direct us to your blog. If you don't have a blog I will add your photo as soon as I can to this post so others can share in your work. Just email your pic to

Check out the lovely chalk round up!

Linda from Teacher Dance joins us with a music-filled poem.

Margaret from Reflections on the Teche joins us with student Chalku poems.

Over at Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders, Robin shares her children's chalk work!

Mary Lee joins us with a Chalku for Eastern Colorado.

Lori joins us with student Chalk - both poems and some work-in-progress pictures!


Linda B said...

Hope the vacation is going very well, Betsy. Here's my chalky-chalk. Thanks for doing this!

Linda B said...

Forgot the link-oops!

Margaret Simon said...

My students did "chalku" a few weeks ago at Write your Way youth writing camp. The chalku greeted parents as they walked to Author's Chair. Enjoy! Thanks for this chalkabration!

Robin said...

I took my children to Grandma's house to chalk up some fun!

Mary Lee said...

Here's mine, Betsy! Fun, fun, fun!

Unknown said...

I have only just found your wonderful chalk-a-bration and love it! I'm an author/illustrator and wanted to share that last year in a school visit after showing students some illustrations I'd done in pastels (which I described as "like chalk, only with really bright colors," a child asked me if I'd ever illustrated a book in chalk on a driveway. I SO want to do that! And wouldn't that be a fun class project too? Chalk on the playground, photographed, and made digital. I really love that idea and wanted to share!