Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chalk-A-Bration August 2013

Are you ready to chalk?
I bet you are or you already have so let's just get right to it! If you are new to Chalk-A-Bration all you need to do is chalk a poem or art illustration of a poem, take a photo and share your link in the comments. I will round up all the links and add them to the end of this post.  If you don't have a blog but would still like to participate, just email the photo to me and I can add it to the post that way. Just be sure to send the photo and the text in case I can't read the picture.

Be sure to visit as many of the chalkers as you can to see what they created with their bare hands and some chalk. So simple and so fun!

My chalketry of the day!

Chalk lands tell
a secret kept
of pastel words
on which we step.

Mists of dust
the secret safe
swept up with breeze
the words awake.

And this is my mother-in-law's contribution:
And now as
the summer dies
what happens to
the fireflies
are they the
glisten on the

Yay for chalk. Here are the chalk-a-brators so far:

Liz Steinglass comes in with her children to share their chalketry and you will love her son's comment about her poem. Go see it now! 

Margaret Simon from Reflections on the Teche had her students do some chalking yesterday. She got the attention of her principal who was so delighted she asked if they could do it again! Go see their beautiful work. It will make your heart happy. 

Linda Baie from Teacherdance shares her chalk about the season changing. She includes a tree pic as well showing the changing colors of fall. 

Robin joins in from Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders with a chalk poem about summer slipping away! Go check her out.

Ramona from Pleasures From the Page joins us with some friends today for Chalk-A-Bration. Go see her poem about turning the page on the calendar as the classroom calls us back to school!

Franki Sibberson from A Year of Reading shared the Chalk-A-Bration idea with her students and they've joined in with a variety of chalking ideas. Be sure to stop by and take a peek!


Liz Steinglass said...

Hi Betsy,
I like your references to getting stepped on and turning to dust. And your mother-in-law asks such a poignant question.
My daughter and I wanted to join in on today's fun. I've posted our poems and photos on my blog.
What a great idea!

Margaret Simon said...

Your two poems are so wonderful, short and profound. Chalk secrets and firefly sparkles in the snow! My students were not very brilliant, but we chalked up the sidewalk for Happy Poetry Friday! The principal came by and loved it. She invited us to do it for Grandparent's Day in two weeks.

Linda B said...

Hi Betsy, both your and your mother-in-law's poems are wonderful. Love that image of the mists of dust when words awake, and the reference to fireflies. We don't have them in Colorado-our loss, so when I see others talk of them it makes me sad, especially for the kids! Thanks as always for doing! Here's mine:

Robin said...

I'm lovin' the chalk today! My contribution today is a poem of the changing seasons. Summer is fading fast and feels like it is slipping through my fingers...I guess that was my inspiration today.

Ramona said...

Loved slowing down my hectic back-to-school pace to celebrate for a few moments today. And yes, I invited some friends to join me this time - it's much more fun this way!

Franki said...

Such a fun time. My post will be up in the morning. Thanks so much for sharing this idea with the world. LOVED our first Chalk-A-Bration!

Terje said...

I like that your chalk-a-bration was not a one time event but is an awesome and fun tradition. Rainy days have made it difficult to create chalk art or poetry. It's still on my list. Unless snow comes first.

Tabatha said...

I like your poem, Betsy! I think that is the first poem about writing in chalk that I've read :-)