Monday, September 30, 2013

Chalk-A-Bration September 2013

I just recently experienced some of the most amazing chalking a girl could ever dream of. Ruth Ayres was celebrating writers in Dublin, OH on Saturday. She suggested, with a little help from Franki Sibberson, that we should chalk some poetry as part of the celebratory conference. I cannot even express how I felt when I returned from lunch and saw a saturation of people among dust and pastels chalking away. Of course I joined in after the shock. Mary Lee Hahn, Cathy Mere, Franki and Ruth all got busy and we chalked up the sidewalk like champions. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was smiling. What could be better?

Here are some photos and a video that doesn't do the experience justice but you can imagine the excitement. I wish you could have been there (if you weren't already)!

 Ruth Ayres chalk, and I believe Franki Sibberson did the "L." At least that's what I heard. :)

 I wish I could give credit to all the chalkers. There were too many to count!

One group of chalkers.

 Mary Lee Hahn and her beautiful chalk art. 

 My offering this month.

 Some of my favorites.

A perfect day indeed. 

The video shows all the chalk drawings, words and poems. It was such a beautiful day apparently my shadow wanted to be a part of the video too. Enjoy the chalk and the perfect accompanying song, I Chalk by Justin Roberts.

Now it's your turn. Chalk some words (your own or borrowed with the author's name), take a photo, post it to your blog and share the link in the comments. I will happily round-up all the chalketry later today. If you do not have a blog please email me your photo and I will add it to this post,

A side note: If you would like to be a guest blogger on Teaching Young Writers please email me your idea. I consider K-12 students all young writers so I welcome you to contact me.

And the roundup begins!

At Hubbard's Headlines my students share their abration of chalk!

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater from The Poem Farm joins us with a poem in a pear tree!

Cathy Mere from Merely Day By Day came along for the ride this weekend at the Literacy Connection conference in Dublin, OH.

Cathy also had her students join in with a treat filled poem at Merely Learning. See there tasty post too!

See Ruth Ayres celebrate at Ruth Ayres Writes. She also shares her favorite bits of the week.

Katie DiCesare's students chalk inspiration came from a question: What is First Grade? See there chalk at Growing and Learning in First Grade.

Miss Scott's first graders also answer the question: What is First Grade? Check out First Grade Learners and Wonderers post!

Margaret Simon from Reflections on the Teche came prepared for chalking today with chalkboard contact paper! Her students wrote poems for two voices. Go listen now!

Join Robin at Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders for her iPad chalk poem. Thank you my dear friend. 


Amy LV said...

What a party! I loved watching the video, and it's always so cool to see what people chalk. Thank you for hosting - it's great to be back in finally. I've got a poem in a pear tree today at The Poem Farm - Happy Chalk-a-bration, and thank you for creating and hosting this day....

Cathy said...

You know I just couldn't resist joining. You really have captured this amazing day. I'm still smiling about it all.


Cathy said...

Of course, my class had to join the fun too! We joined global read aloud today. After reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar we all decided we liked some tasty treats too. Together we wrote our poem. Then the students added their favorite tasty treats all around. There were smiles everywhere!

Thanks for the fun!

Katie Dicesare said...

I didn't get to formally meet you but was inspired by your Chalk-a-bration and gave it a go with my first graders. Here is the link:

Lauren said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea on Saturday. My first grade kids had so much fun doing it today. Here is my link to our blog.

Thanks again,

Margaret Simon said...

So jealous of your fun Chalkabration Day with so many familiar virtual friends. My students were so excited when I announced today was Chalkabration Day. They loved using their new chalk paper and writing for two voices. I even recorded them reading aloud on SoundCloud. Thanks for the invitation. (I am double-dipping and posting this for Slice of Life tomorrow.)

Robin said...

I have so enjoyed hearing about the group chalking experience! I love the pictures and video - such love reflected in both. There is much to celebrate in your post today Betsy!

My contribution today is a short chalk poem I wrote for a friend who's daughter is battling cancer...but it is also a wish I have for my children, friends and family in general. Happy chalking!

Tabatha said...

Fantastic! Looks like a fun and creative time was had by all. Like your poem :-)