Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chalk-A-Bration November 2013

Happy Chalk-A-Bration Day! It is chilly here in Michigan. Glad I bought lots of chalk before the warm weather turned off.
So today marks a first for me on Chalk-A-Bration. My kids and I decided to chalk at night on this long weekend away from school.
Here is Elliot doing a little star gazing.

Here is Elliot's poem about a bat.

Bats bats
how they fly.
All around in the sky
I see a mosquito
then I don't.
The bat it flutters
in the night.
I like to watch 
them eat the bugs 
on this really great night.

Janie hard at work.

Here is her poem about a butterfly.

Butterflies butterflies
first a caterpillar.
Butterflies butterflies
they dream of nothing.
Butterflies butterflies
they munch munch
and crunch crunch.
Butterflies butterflies
sleep in your chrysalis.
Butterflies butterflies
wakes up in the morning.
I'm a butterfly.
I fly high high high high high 
the sky.

Night chalking was fun. It was a little twist on something we do so often at my house, making it a bit more exciting! When I told my kids we were going to do night chalking I should have had my camera ready. Their faces lit up confirming for me this was a good idea. 

night stillness
night beams
night noises
night dreams


Margaret Simon said...

Beautiful night poems. Your children are wonderful poets. Love the repetition in Butterfly and the disappearing mosquito.
My students and I wrote Thanku chalk poems before our Thanksgiving break. And, by the way, I did get pancakes this morning. Yum!

Linda B said...

Love this 'break' with tradition, Betsy. I don't think I'm going to make it this time, perhaps later in the day. I love your poem, just right!