Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's Gotta Go!

I spent a good part of the morning in that corner of my basement where I keep all my school materials that can be boxed and stored. Every year I go down to this corner where I have a huge wooden shelf that holds more than a dozen boxes of materials, books and random teaching supplies. Most of it stays in this corner, all year. Everything that I really need is either saved on my computer, on the book shelf I use regularly or stashed safely in my classroom. Yet, I still have these boxes. I realized today that many of these boxes were full of fantasies. A fantasy that someday maybe I would get to the many copied games and activities I had planned to prepare for some fantastic project. Various paper books to put together. Several notes and notebooks full of ideas. Well, needless to say, I kept the notebooks of ideas, stashed the fantasy projects that were complete but never used (more on that later), and dumped the projects that were all but barely started but had taken up residency for longer than I could remember. The stashed fantasy projects are consolidated to one box with the following statement on the side, "resist going through this box if you have not touched it prior to August 4, 2012, and recycle it NOW!"

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