Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Are We All About?

As an educator I am constantly revisited by this chatter that asks me, "what are you really all about?" I can honestly say I am more about the good of kids, instilling a sense of pride and celebrating their accomplishments no matter how they might be measured by others. I am more about creating a culture of good character among my students and the parents that take them home each night. This philosophy however does not usually fit in the mold of test scores and data. I also notice that whenever anyone says anything about data, meaning dismissive at all in nature, it is followed up with, "I mean, I know we need data, but it's not everything." You know what, though it may seem like I just have, I am not going to say that . . .I will say I am concerned about data, but not in the same way that I keep hearing others voicing their concerns. I know that I am always going to work hard, foster character development and build my students confidence in all areas. If I can look at my classroom community and see one helping another, kindness in action and a love of learning on their faces that is all the measure I need.
What are you all about?


JenniferM said...

Great thoughts! I am about loving learning and helping my students to do the same. I am about writing and reading and music and friendship and caring and tolerance. I am about thinking critically and realizing that there's usually more than one right answer in life. I'm about doing my best, all the time, at everything. I'm about embracing the future while enjoying the present. :-)

teacherdance said...

Good to think about. I work in a school where we don't have testing, but we just strive for all those things you just stated: character development, confidence, helping one another, kindness, and I would change the love of learning to lifelong learning. Students grow and learn and have a good time doing it; so do the teachers!