Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where Are You Going?

driven adj

Definition of DRIVEN
1: having a compulsive or urgent quality <a driven sense of obligation>
2: propelled or motivated by something —used in combination <results-driven>
driv·en·ness \ˈdri-vən-nəs\ noun

  1. They are driven, successful people.
  2. <a man with a driven need to be loved or liked by everyone>
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Driven, what does it mean to be driven? Well, I guess I looked it up because I was curious enough to know what the dictionary had to say, but really, definition aside . . . who is driven? What kind of person? Does it come naturally . . . do you need to work at it . . . does it come in phases . . . what matters . . . and what are the outcomes?
Are you driven? To do what?

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