Thursday, April 5, 2012

In a World of Silence

My mom was telling me about a book titled, Beautiful Child by Torey Hayden. If you have ever read any of Hayden's books, One Child, Somebody Else's Kids you know that they can be quite powerful. It has been years since I picked up a book by Hayden and I am feeling the urge recently.

You know when you find out you are getting a new student in the middle of the year, you know that feeling...?
where are they coming from? why are they transferring? will they adjust? will i be ready?
In February I got a new student. She carries with her a protective shell that she willingly places over herself. The shell is in-penetrable...I lay a crayon and paper nearby.
When she is peering from under that shell, I see the glimmer, the shimmer in her eyes. She is powerless against the possibility of creating. I feel like a child holding out bird seed to an unsuspecting chick-a-dee. Crouched down, moving in slowly, gently setting down the bait...waiting...watching. Will she take it? Will she come out and play with us?


Robin said...

Speaking of powerful...that's a pretty powerful post you wrote yourself! Isn't it interesting that things you have time to think about when you are on spring break? I hope you are still enjoying yours and that you will update us all when you read more of this book you talked about.

Linda at teacherdance said...

Hi Betsy, I'm late reading-long day. Thank you for stopping by my post. I'm glad I found yours. What a terrific response to this new students-you will lure her for sure. Maybe she is a hidden artist? I know the author & just assumed she wasn't around anymore. I loved her books & still have One Child. I looked up Beautiful Child-published in 2003 & looks good like her other ones. Thanks for that too.