Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On the Docket!

I have big plans today...
Don't you love it when you start the day and you have a lot planned but you actually feel motivated and like it all is going to come together?!
That's how I feel today.

  • I have my round two freezer meal recipes printed and my grocery list is prepped. It is going to be one of those cooking days! (It's rainy and cold; a perfect day to get going in the kitchen)!
  • I had lunch with my sister yesterday, (she is a blogger and always an inspiration)! We talked about blogging, teaching...I always get pumped up after a lunch with her. We were both sharing with each other things we have been up to in the classroom. I realized after talking to her that I need to share my non-fiction writing/research process that I started a little over a week ago with my K's! I think it could be a series coming soon. (We are on spring break this week, so again, the rainy dreary day is perfect for beginning these posts that are percolating in my brain)!
  • My kids have been begging me for days to make these fun crafts out of egg shells. I think while mommy is cooking, egg shells will be cracking into sail boats, baby chicks, and whatever else they can think of to make with an egg shell. The tub of crafty materials is primed and ready in the kitchen. Oh yeah, messiness will abound; might as well on a rainy gloomy day.
  • I have a few stacks of books on my basement floor ready for revision, review and their photo shoot; book spine poems I have been working on. I am thinking I might try and grab some old newspaper from one of my grandma's tea cup boxes and see if I can "find" a poem there. My sister schooled me a bit on other types of found poems, so now I want to find even more!
  • I was introduced to a new author yesterday (my sister's doing again, I know...she is amazing)! She told me about Emily Jenkins, who I am now on a quest to find, buy all of her books, and read until my eyes blur! I am hoping today I can at least locate her books, so far my book store has disappointed.
  • And, finally...I really need to crack down and finish reading Mockingjay (half way through) as well as make a bigger dent in The Book of Awesome, which by the way is completely awesome if there was any doubt. Perfect reading for those little bits of sitting that I will be doing in between all of the above! 
It will be one of those days when I collapse a bit at the end but feel all kinds of good inside and probably eat a muffin. A well deserved muffin, maybe two! ;) Happy Tuesday


Stacey from Two Writing Teachers said...

That's a hefty list of things to do today. Whoa! Good luck with it all.

(Clicked on the freezer link you posted. Wish I didn't have a bottom freezer right about now. There's no space in there!)

Valerie said...

Oh, Betsy. I have lots of plans too. Sometimes they seem overwhelming. Like you, I'm on spring break this week. The catch up chores are calling, but I would rather be writing, reading posts, commenting, and enjoying my time off. I hope you get everything on your "Docket" done. Enjoy the muffins and your week:)

elsie said...

What a day you have planned! Having all those meals will be incredible. I copied down a few of the ideas from Freezer Meals. Sounds great!
That's a new author for me, so I will be looking.

Barbara said...

Enjoyed reading your list! I LOVE The Little Bit Scary People Book by Emily Jenkins. It would be great for your K's for repeated text. I use it as a mentor text for several different purposes in writing workshop.
Hope you got lots accomplished today!

Linda at teacherdance said...

Really nice to see the day's plans-on a rainy day those things are what I most enjoy, cooking, playing, reading. You've got it right! I also sneaked back to read your last post on SOLSC. What fun to see the words; I can only imagine. I recently saw a woman with a young boy (7 or 8) & an older one who was trying on clothes. The younger one kept hiding out in the clothes, & the mother yelled constantly. It really wasn't a bad thing for him to do to entertain himself. She finally made him get into the cart. Hm-m! Glad you had fun collecting writing.

Dana said...

Sounds to me like you deserve 2 muffins. I'm interested in hearing more about your K nonfiction writing/research process and I hope you share your spine poems and found poems in the future.

Robin said...

Wow! What a day you had! I'm curious...how did the meals turn out? I look forward to hearing more about the nonfiction project you mentioned and the book spine poems and found poems as well. The found poems are new to me...maybe you will also share some of the info you learned from your sister? Isn't it great to be able to learn from each other through this format? I hope you had a great day!

Betsy said...

Aaaahhh! I wasn't able to enjoy my muffins until today, but alas, it was worth the wait! I did my book spine poems but the newspaper did not lend anything yet, I will try again another day. Turns out that Tuesday needed a little help from Wednesday and now I feel like I accomplished a lot and can lay around. Only a little left to go on Mockingjay!

Mrs. V said...

Yes, I do love that feeling! It made me happy just reading your post. It sounds like you were going to really enjoy your rainy day. I am excited to see the link for the freezer meals.

Betsy said...

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Betsy said...

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