Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Drawing Moment With My Daughter

Both of my children love to draw. My son, who is six, is quite good and loves to practice all the time. This tends to annoy my 4 year old daughter, who really doesn't understand the difference between a six and four year old--except he seems to be able to do everything she can't do. :(
So frustrating for a smart little sweety.
She also tends to be on the independent side and resists help for almost anything, unless of course it is something she can truly do on her own...aren't kids funny that way?
We sat at the table tonight and she said, "Mommy, I really want to make a book and draw in it."
I got excited obviously, took out paper, stapled, got the crayons, who cares if it was 7:30 and bedtime, I was taking advantage of this moment. She probably was too.
"What do you want to draw?"
"I want a princess book."
Of course she does, that's what she thinks about right now whether I like it or not. Maybe a princess book is a good thing. So, I take her through the drawing using my finger only, outlining the shapes she needs. Then she tries it with her finger and draws the shapes. She picks up a purple crayon and the magic begins. I should have video taped her reaction. She was so thrilled by her drawing. As she demonstrated more skill and control, she slowed down even more and showed more skill and control. She is typically easily frustrated, goes too fast, and will just give in to the scribble. Not this time. She saw that she could do it and just had to take time to think it through. She kept busy coloring the hair and dress and I walked away for a few minutes. When I came back, she had drawn another "princess" on the cover, almost exactly the same. Even more pride for her this time because she did it all on her own! I was so happy for her.
Don't you just love little hands, so precious.

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