Sunday, November 20, 2011

Questioning and Reflecting--Which Way Should I Go?

A good decision really, maybe I didn't wait long enough. This weekend I was reminded of the book About the Authors, by Katie Wood Ray. I am annoyed with myself because I had resigned to the feeling that journals/draft books, whatever you may want to call them just don't fit for K's. I am frustrated.What do I need to re-program or re-focus to make it right?
For anyone who follows or checks in on my blog, you know I am going through a transition period, a renewal of sorts. I am trying to be intentional, trying to do what is asked, as well as do what is right.
A slippery slope of sorts I am finding.
I feel like I get going somewhere and then I reach an intersection with so many roads and it is a gamble as to what direction I am heading.
So, as I look into the weeks ahead and see disruptions to the process in front of me, I will hopefully tackle each one and continue to move forward.

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