Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back At It!

I was just sitting here realizing it's Tuesday! I have taken a little break from blogging but revisited my own today to put together some "word work" info for some visiting teachers tomorrow. I always love dialoguing with other teachers, especially eager one's. It sounds like the kindergarten teachers visiting tomorrow are eager to try some new things. So, here I am, on my computer, listening to some tunes, making plans and writing a little slice.

I have started talking more with my colleagues about some of my new writing ventures. Planning with other teachers is usually so validating and revs up my motivation. I started booklets in December and haven't looked back at the draft books (journals)...no more wavering. I am happy with my decision, still not positive I won't have to pull them out to appease others, but I am okay with that too. My students are writing books, they are smiling, I heard "the buzz" in the room today and felt fulfilled. 
Word work is continuing to go well. I started a review of vowels this week and I am seeing so many more medial sounds in my students writing, I love it when they take a chance.
We did three days straight in our drawing and writing notebooks to work through some drawing lessons last week. I see students taking a lot of pride in their work, they are always so surprised by what they can really do! "I can draw a person," is heard frequently.
The new year is a welcomed new beginning and I am chugging along happily! I hope your new year has been a happy beginning too.
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Linda B said...

Happy New Year to you too. So glad it's a good start; you sound refreshed and satisfied, a great way to be in January!

Tam said...

I agree, there's nothing like sharing with other teachers the small things that make it all worth while. Writing with your students will be very rewarding. Your enthusiasm will do you well, also.

elsie said...

Glad you are back! I look forward to learning how the book making journey turns out.

Anonymous said...

Your words in this entry sound light and lively - dancing steps into the new year.