Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stages in Writing Part One

Here is the first in a series of posts dedicated to the writing stages I currently have in my classroom. I thought I would start with most capable and independent to those needing the most support and guidance. 

The non-fiction bug is taking hold in writer's workshop. One of my students got a new pen that can do fancy tricks, he decided this would be a good writing topic! Me too since it turned into another great non-fiction writing example for the class. I love it when the kids do the teaching for me.
"Here, look at what one of your friends did, you can too! Tell us what you did little teacher."

One new piece I have added to my management of the booklets is to add a large sticky note to the inside of the cover. This way I can easily reference what the writer intended as well as the timeline of the writing. This particular student drafted this whole booklet in one writer's workshop session. Motivation can really push to show a student's true ability. No pressure though, I don't expect him to do this every time. I understand we all have a day when we are just "on fire," as I told him while he was working!

What I find interesting about his stage of writing is that he framed this book much like the types of books he is currently able to read. He used what he knows, without really realizing that he was following a formula. I am not all about teaching formulas, which is why I found this so interesting. This is a nice demonstration of how text has influenced his writing.
 I think we will work to add detail to the pictures. There are enough examples of good detail in his story (the motion marks were great). However, the pictures where the pen is able to "draw" lacks a detailed drawing. I think we will start with his work and then critique a book from his book box that follows this same formula to see if he thinks the pictures lack detail (they likely do). I might see what he thinks about this, and what he might change if he was the illustrator of the book.

I love that he added an ending. this was purely independent and amazing to me, I have barely touched endings! However, he has picked it up on his own and is already trying it out. Love this!

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Robin said...

Love, Love, Love! I love that this little author is able to take what he is reading and use it in his writing. The fact that he can then share that with his peers is awesome! I would bet that you will have a few more books like this one popping up in the next week or two! Yay non-fiction!