Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dinner Conversation

Yesterday, after dinner...
"Mom, can I get one of those things like you and dad?"
"I'm not sure what you mean."
"You know one of those things you and dad write poetry in."
"A writer's notebook?"
"Yeah, can I get one?"
(chills) "Of course you can get one, maybe this weekend we can go pick out a special one."

This evening after walking in the door from school...
"Hey dad when are you gonna take me to get a writer's notebook because I really want to get one tonight, can we go to the store?"
(Shawn) "Well, I really thought we would wait until this weekend, but let's see if we have time after dinner."

(Mom and dad have a conversation that the pharmacy/everything under the sun store down the road might have a notebook).

After dinner and a short trip...

And, he's already put a poem on the first page inspired by one of his favorite Jack Prelutsky poems, "High Atop a Lofty Mountain."

This kid has a lot of notebooks, but I think he knows that there is something special about "this" notebook. There's definitely something special about him. Love this seven year old.  


elsie said...

Makes a mom (and dad) proud!

Robin said...

Happy dance! This speaks volumes about the kinds of models he has in his life!

Linda B said...

Aww! Terrific story, Betsy. Just think of the things he will capture, & then get out years from now when he's asked about his early writing! Thank you for sharing.

Judy said...

How wonderful! You must be very proud of him and his pictures shows how proud he is of his accomplishment. Happy writing to all of you!

Michelle said...

Now that is just awesome! Happy writing!