Monday, October 1, 2012

What If Everybody Did That?

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All day long I have been longing for a new book. This morning I looked at my *overdue public library pile (sorry librarians, here is where I will pull the "I have a broken foot," card).
I thought, "Could I somehow get home early and scooter on down to the library today?" Nope.
Then I sat in my school library all morning during CPR training (we had a professional development day today) but I was across the room from the shelf that holds the "new" books.
I thought, "Can I somehow make my way over there and snatch one?" Nope.
Then after a long and at times very stressful day of meeting after meeting I realized my day did not have a moment with a new book...bummer.

"Ding Dong"

"Is one of the kids ringing the doorbell again?" I asked.
"No, it's UPS. Probably the book I ordered." said Shawn (my husband).
With a somewhat smug internal tone of voice I thought, when did he order a book...
"Oh, wait, there's two boxes. One is for you. This must have been on backorder when you ordered those books for school a couple weeks ago."
"REALLY? I didn't even realize it hadn't come." I was astonished and happy and immediately sat down to read, What If Everybody Did That? by Ellen Javernick illustrated by Colleen M. Madden.
This book came at a great time for me and has a great message that relates very well to children in all the environments that they encounter. I won't be a spoiler, but if you want a nice story that illustrates the importance of good choices and actions affecting others, this is the book for you.

 *Um, just as a side should really return your library books on time, cause if you don't...well...what if everybody did that?


Linda B said...

Ha! You gave me a big laugh, Betsy. How is your foot, BTW? The book does look good, so thanks for that. Guess you'll need to find some library time-best wishes!

Betsy Hubbard said...

Ah, Linda. When are we going to have that cup of coffee/tea? I suppose I would need a plane ticket wouldn't I? Laughter is getting me through (along with some occasional tears)! I started walking a few steps on Friday. It will be a long road but I am on the road, so here I go! Right? Really, really slowly. Thanks for the well wishes.

Teacher said...

Sometimes a new book just feels so good, doesn't it? Glad you got to sink your teeth into a new book, and a book with such an important lesson too! Love that you tied it back to returning books ontime to the library. Bravo. :)