Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Am Your New Biggest Fan

I was in the hallway this afternoon talking with the preschool teacher down the hall. I had actually walked in from the playground with her class after seeking her out. We were chatting about preschool writers when I looked down. There, at his locker, was a little guy with a pen and a small notebook. He was intensely writing something down. Here was the conversation:
Me: Whisper, "Oh my goodness, I love this."
Her: "I know." Directed toward him, "Okay, I think snack is waiting for us in the classroom."
Him: "I know, I just have to get this in here."
Her: "What are you writing?'
Him: "I just saw an eagle and I have to get it in my notebook before I forget."
Her: "Oh, okay."
I watched for a moment, then I couldn't help myself.
Me: "What is your name?"
Him: "James." He doesn't look up, I am clearly interrupting important work. Really, what was I thinking? So I continued to watch a moment. He cleaned up his notebook.
I put my hand out, "James, I am your new biggest fan. Do you think when we see each other we could give each other a thumbs up since we are both in the super awesome writing club?"
He shakes my hand, a little stunned, "Well, I like animals. My book is all about animals. Like at least 100, or 20...at least."
Me: "Can you count to 20?"
Him: "Almost!"
Me: "Well, keep writing about those animals James."

I don't usually visit the afternoon preschool class, so James was new to me. His enthusiasm for writing is clear. He is a writer. I've been giddy ever since.


ABoyden said...

What a most excellent exchange! I just love it! thanks for sharing, I will smile the rest of the night !

Linda B said...

How wonderful is that, Betsy. Love hearing all about the pre-schoolers. My granddaughter (in K next year) writes stories all the time, & then her mother helps her 'write' the real words & she illustrates them. They can do it!

Maureen said...

Adorable! James has several fans he has never even met - count me in! It is really great that he has already been introduced to a writer's notebook, and is using it just like an author would. Kudos to James and his teachers!

elsie said...

Yay to whoever introduced the notebook to James. What a great story!

Kris Shrontz said...

Sounds like James is all ready living a writer's life. Hopefully he continues this mindset. I love those exchanges with kids that rejuvenate me.

Loralee said...

Oh my goodness! What an exciting moment!

BethMooreSchool said...

I want to meet this James! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. A preschool kid with a writers notebook. VERY cool!!!!

Stella said...

Oh, this is so adorable!!! And I love that you told him you were his new biggest fan...sharing that writing love. love the story! thank you!

Robin said...

I love your response to James! You are his new biggest fan - what a cool thing to say to him! I want this child in my class next year! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. That is adorable. Even I am giddy!

Michelle said...

Love this snippet of writing brilliance! I have a feeling you'll be sneaking down to see James in action before the end of the year!

Leigh Anne Eck said...

The super awesome writing club - what a great experience. I hope you continue to check on him and share with us. This could be fun!

Nicole Briskie said...

Hi! I'm James mom. As I was dropping him off to school the other day another parent had told me about your blog,I love it and it brought tears to my eyes. Ja!es is my oldest son of 4 boys. James is 5 , has a brother Luke 4, brother Nathan 2, brother Jonah 6 months old. James is one of the most creative little person I have ever met and his imagination and creativity is out of this world! Not a lot of people kniwnthis about James becuae you would not know unless you studied his every move but he has mild left hemiplagiah cerebral palsy. His left foot is turned inn slightly so sometimes its difficult to do normal functions that others do, but we encourage James to do everything he can to the best of his abilities. And he exceeds all of our expectations . He truly is one of a kind .While at his dads work the other day paying our bill they had stacks of these little notebooks so I grabbed one fore my 3 oldest boys! Ja!es had his filled in the first day! I had to go out and buy him more :) he now has 5 , and each one holds different topics and things that he like, enjoys or see's. Its amazing and it keeps hi! Occupied for hours. He actually has been getting upset because he running out of things to draw so we are looking things up such as " amazing animals in Africa" " jungle animals" he asks everyone of the things they have seen and what he should write down next. I am beyond proud of James andiI'm so glad that he is sharing his stories with everyone. Thank you so much, Nicole