Monday, March 31, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration March 2014

YAY! It is finally here. Spring has arrived and I cannot think of anything else, especially when I write. 
I hope you will join in with a piece of chalk and a chunk of sidewalk in your own neck of the woods to share with us here! Just write a poem or illustration, take a photo and link it up here from your blog!

My two shares and some of my children's work is below. I haven't seen my kids this excited about chalking in a LONG time. They were squealing when I told them it was time for chalk!

 I love 
the warm sun

 The neighbors even joined in a bit! 

 A road leading later to some hopscotch!

bike ride
sun chased
red faced
clear sky
happy sigh
"Spring's here,"
I cheer!


Linda B said...

I actually chalked outside, too, Betsy. So fun to see you all outside too! My post is all meshed together with IMWAYR & TWT-but it's real chalk!

Loralee said...

I love your poem!

My husband is outside cleaning the ICE off the car...The kids and I were home from school last Wednesday and Thursday (blizzard) and now we are home in an ice storm! ;0)

Margaret Simon said...

Spring brings rain, so our chalking happened inside. Thanks for keeping this going. My students love chalkabration!

Stacey said...

Not sure if you saw the picture I tweeted, but we had snow and ice on the ground this morning and into the early afternoon. Shucks! Another end of the month chalk celebration I missed. :( Hoping April 30th looks better!

Stacey said...
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Katherine Sokolowski said...

My students chalked outside today too