Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chalk-A-Bration April 2014

Chalk-A-Bration snuck up on me this month. There has been so much poem love going on and poetry writing in all my corners of life that I wasn't realizing how quickly it would all end. But it doesn't have to! Join in each month right here for a poetry celebration with chalk.

Here is my contribution for the month. I wrote it in the rain. I am hoping to get my students out today to chalk our poems but rain may defeat us. Might need to get creative!

Water streams
thick dust
chalk puddles. 


Linda B said...

It's a fun poem in the puddles Betsy-you're braver than I. It was so windy & cold today-back to an app!

Margaret Simon said...

"chalk puddles" to jump! My students wrote haiku or "chalku." Our principal has invited us to chalk poetry for the Mother's Day breakfast next week. Thanks for hosting. This will be our last for the school year. We get out on May 23rd. I hope I can encourage the kids to keep it up at home.

Robin said...

We did our chalking a week or so ago when it was nice weather! It was amazing to see what happened when chalk was available to all the kindergarten students during recess. There was almost a mob! Love it! I'm hoping next month we will actually have poems to chalk instead of approximations. :)

Cathy said...

I have to show this poem to my students tomorrow. We snuck out after the rain stopped in search of dry spots for poetry. We managed to find a few, but also a few puddles. My students were so excited to get outside, but it wasn't long before they started trying to draw in puddles. They will love your poem.

I'm glad to be moving on from object poetry and back to writing poetry that finds me. Today's poem was inspired by pink blossoms:


Ramona said...

Hi Betsy, It's late, but I wanted to share my 6th graders first attempt at sidewalk poetry. Check out our poems here.

Steve Peterson said...

Thanks to Mary Lee's connecting us to your work our elementary school has decided to make our end of the year celebration a chalk-a-bration. On Friday we'll be downtown (a short walk in a small town) chalking the sidewalks in front of local businesses with poems we love -- our own or poems others have written. I think the local media will be on it, and the merchants are keen, so I"ll send you a link when it happens! Thanks for your excitement, ideas, and energy.