Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's the Alternative??

A conversation that I had with my husband probably over a year ago...

Me: "I am going to lose my mind." (This was in reference to my own two children seeming out of control).
Him: "No you aren't, you're fine."
Me: "No really, I am about this close to completely to losing it; my patience is completely used up."
Him: "No it's not, you haven't lost it yet, what's the alternative?"
Me: (pause, think, echo those words in my head..."what's the alternative"). "Huh, I guess you're right."

I was reminded of this conversation today.
Someone said to me (in reference to it being two days before spring break),
(insert an exasperated tone) "Are we going to survive?"

Now, to be clear, I totally get why someone might say this. I have been there, (see above)!

My response was, (insert slightly sarcastic tone for the purpose of a light delivery) "well, if I had to choose, I am hoping survival wins out. What's the alternative?"
She paused, nodding her head, kinda threw her fist up the in the air, to say, "yeah, we got this." And I was like, "yeah, we do."

When I am able to remember these words, "What's the alternative?" I am thankful because it immediatly calms me down. If I am barely holding it together and feel like I am about to blow, it is likely that I don't really need to. The alternative to holding it together, is not holding it together. Really, it is preferred by everyone that I remain patient, tolerant, open, and "held together," as opposed to falling apart.


elsie said...

Good advice, you have a wise husband. I will consider "what's the alternative" when I feel at my rope's end.

Robin said...

AHH...some great words of wisdom from your husband! I will try to remember them as I head into the last day before break!