Friday, July 27, 2012

But Who Am I?

The Kinderchat challenge for today...
a photo get to know 140 characters or less per pic!

This is a piece of driftwood that I saved from a recent trip to the beach. See the little granules of sand?

 Today the kids and I set up the house for our painted ladies and I learned the plural word for chrysalis is chrysalises or chrysalides. Aren't you glad I found out?

 This is what my notebook looks like. A blurry view of the poem about driftwood I am loving and hating (first stanza peek).

 I went to the library today.

 I love chalk. I love poetry...the two go together again on July 31st. should do it too!


Linda B said...

I've been off the internet for some funny reason, but back on now, so I missed today, but can read & enjoy everyone's posts. My grandson is coming to visit so I'll be intermittent next week with the posts, but my chalk-a-bration will be ready!

Robin said...

Your pictures are lovely! So many great memories captured there. I'm looking forward to July 31st and the next Chalk-A-Bration!

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures. I can't wait to read your poem about driftwood.