Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chalk-A-Bration 4

My slice of life today is a chalketry celebration of July and poetry. 
Join Stacey and Ruth to share your slice of life at Two Writing Teachers.



What a dry summer. I have felt for our plants and trees especially. Watching them droop and seem to sigh each day just wanting a little drink yet having to go without. My poem is about a recent rain and what I imagine could be communication between me and the trees.


trees cheering,
as drops trickle 
and spill.

the drearing,
lifeless limbs

Share your chalk poetry (chalketry) here this week or on August 31st, the last chalk-a-bration of the year!


Amy Rudd said...

Your conversation between you and the trees says so much in so few words. I know the trees and all the plants were happy with the recent rains we've finally had here as well. I hope we can create a chalk-abration to share this week.
Thanks for hosting this event! So fun!

Linda B said...

Oh, it is so dry. We actually got some minutes of rain today, so hurrah! I've seen it this dry in Colorado, but in Missouri, last week, have never seen it like that-so awful. I love the "hearing/trees cheering". I always think that too, the leaves getting a good washing too! Thanks Betsy! My 'chalking' is up!

Diane Anderson said...

I'm with the trees- let's cheer for the rain! I stood in the little showers we had with my face turned up to catch a few drops. thanks for the tree image!

elsie said...

Love the chalketry! I must reach into my mind for a memory of a shower as we have had no rain. There will be a chorus of cheers from the plants when it rains here.

maria.selke said...

What a fun idea! I love the chalk poetry. I'll see what I can scrounge up.

Amy Rudd said...

got our poem written and posted! Thanks again!

Robin said...

This is great Betsy! I know my yard and everything that lives in it would like more rain! You captured so much in so few words in this poem and I enjoyed the little bits of pictures along with the words. Fun!

Stacey said...

I love the brilliant colors of the chalk on against the blacktop. (We have a beige driveway so I don't think it'd show up quite that well.)

Chalk poetry... what fun!

Sarah said...

We are never too old to play with chalk!

Judy said...

Our trees and plants breathed a sigh of relief last week as well. Your poem says it all!

Nanc said...

Wow...that is really beautiful. I love reading all the chalk on the driveways in the neighborhood. Perfect poem for the midwest.

Shawn said...

Our grass now has a hint of green. I am happy to see your poem washed away in the night.

Amanda Villagómez said...

Your chalk poetry and drawings are always a special treat! What a great way to slice.

Anonymous said...

I love this and will join you August 31.


Each word in your poem is like a ripe strawberry.
Perfect, delicious, and wanting more.

Jaana said...

"Trees cheering" is my favorite line! I could almost hear them in my yard when a short rain visited us last week!