Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Author Basket Motivation

One of my most challenging little writer's really impressed me today (really he's challenging in every way, but so dog gone adorable you can't help but love him to pieces).

I pulled out a basket, made some room in the classroom underneath some of our writing charts, and had a student design this label for my little authors.
 I explained to the class that each of them had an important job today.
"Read over your books from the last couple weeks. Choose one you think is your best and that others would like to read."
We talked about how we could do a little revisions here and there if needed.
Kids got busy, and quickly the basket filled.
The student I mentioned earlier was dissatisfied with his books and without me knowing, started a new book. He came over to show me each page as he finished, grinning ear to ear "look what I did now." His eagerness and focus today was amazing. He did every step independently because he knows he can do it, he just isn't always motivated, aaah, but that basket. He wanted to have something good in there. We share almost daily, but this was different. It was labeled "our classroom authors." Other kids might choose to read his book during free reading time. There was a little pressure, the positive kind.
The power of an audience. That's what I was reminded of today.
(I had really hoped to post his book in this space, however, my pictures only show up sideways, despite my efforts. GRRrrrr).


Christy Rush-Levine said...

It is a shame about the pics, I get so frustrated when the computer has its own agenda.

I love that you notice all of the good in this challenging student. It sounds like you gave him just the right nudge!

Robin said...

What a great idea! This puts the idea of an audience in a different light. I love that it helped to reach the kiddo who needed a nudge! It kind of reminds me of this sol challenge -it was the nudge I needed!

Cathy said...

So true! Audience means so much.