Friday, March 9, 2012

The Chapters in Life Shape Our Story

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The Chapter Beyond Pain

I have known pain 
I will know it again.

A crime against pain I would commit
With no shame.
It distracts me, attacks me.
In its scope it will track me.

Pain is blinding and binding
Debilitating without discriminating.
Pain can prickle or trickle
Throw me down without thought.

When faced in its arena
It counts me as weak
It stands confident before me
Intimidating, me bleak.

But I choose what I see
In those moments of pain. 
Though distant, I see it,
My weapon to slay.

I reach out for it
Grabbing that place beyond pain
My defense from the wounds
From worries and shame.

I have known pain 
I will know it again.


Deanna H said...

WOW! I don't have much else to say after reading that. Absolutely wonderfully written.

Robin said...

This is amazing, insightful, powerful. I love the way pain feels like something you can grab and defeat. Thank you for sharing your journey.

wakeupandwrite said...

Yes, insightful is a good word for this poem.

Dana said...

The third and fifth stanzas were my favorite. They just flowed. Loved the image of slaying pain.

pamelahodges said...

The second stanza is so powerful. The first time through I read it slowly, and the second time I read it faster. It is a piece that could be preformed in a loud fast manner at a public reading. Very dramatic and bold
Poerty as performance.

Chez said...

Love it....and so true for everyone...I have known pain and I will know it again... and to me emotional pain is the most debilitating and yet has prepared me the best for the path I choose...beautiful Betsy...How did i not know about your blog...