Sunday, March 25, 2012

Waiting and Anticipating

One on either side sconced in lights.
One behind openly revealing a different reality.
The opposite reflecting the light of those dreams, fears, anticipated horrors.
Those walls see it . The resulting tears, gasps, gaffaws, nauseum.
Our vulnerability seeping as the screened wall tells the story.
The adjacent absorbing the splattering and scattering from our surprise.
Seeing the disappointment, disgust and delight.
They bring this out in all of us.

I wrote this while waiting to see The Hunger Games this weekend. We got to the theater about forty minutes early so I had some time to kill. The theater slowly filled. There were gasps, tears, relief, it was good. Almost as good as my imagination had made it when I read the story.


Anonymous said...

Your poem built and left me in suspense. A mirror image to the buliding suspense and experience of seeing this movie. Well captured.

Christy Rush-Levine said...

The story behind this poem is as intriguing as the poem itself. I love the imagery. I also like your line about the movie images being almost as good as your imagination.

jenb. said...

I agree with Christy. I haven't read the books (yet), so I am avoiding the movie, however, your poem drew me in, and once I read your final lines, I wanted to re-read to see what I could pull from it about the book/movie! :)

elsie said...

Your poem had me wondering where you were, then it all made sense with your paragraph. Clever images were created with your words.

Robin said...

Wow, great images! Your imagery hooked me but I didn't know where you were until the very last bit! After reading your poem and your words at the bottom, I feel compelled to read the books-cuz you have to read the book version before seeing the movie rule!

Mommy K said...

I love the line, Movies. It suspends the reader a bit, waiting to see where you go at the end!