Thursday, April 19, 2012

Celebrating Non-fiction...The Finale!

If you missed the first two installments of non-fiction research writing in kindergarten, check them out here and here!
I left off just in time for spring break and the kids had a week off from their projects.
When we returned it was great to have something already in process that we could finish! We reaped the rewards of hard work as the week came to an end.
Here is how it went down:
Monday: Check in on your project, re-read, check your title and start thinking like an illustrator! We talked, talked and talked about what we needed to include in our pictures.
Tuesday-Thursday: Who will your audience be? Decide who you think would enjoy your work. Begin illustrating your text.
Friday: Celebration time! Read, read, read your book to the class, your friends, your third grade buddy and the person/people you chose in the building. Several students chose to read to other teachers in the building, the preschoolers down the hall, a cousin, a neighbor, principal, "the office girls," we had quite a selection of audience members.

Here are some snapshots of illustrating and celebrating. It was a great time and a great process to watch!

 E is busy illustrating "A wolf can walk in the forest."  She was getting a little carried away with the color, but hey, it's her wolf, her project, and she was proud!
 "Dogs stick their tongues out to cool down." (He dedicated his book to "all the dogs of the world," how cute is that?)!
 Here is a small group practicing before they go read to some preschoolers! I love how they are all leaning in; it was great to catch this moment.
 C's dedication page, "To my mom."
 I know that seals eat fish and play in the water.

 I learned that baby seals cannot swim.

Onto new adventures as we continue to build a love of writing in kindergarten. Stop back again soon!


Barbara said...

I'm so inspired by what you are doing with your kinders. What an authentic writing unit. I really like how you had them read, read, read their books.

Maureen said...

These illustrations are so precious! What a love of research and writing you have fostered. You can see by the detailed efforts on each illustration - these students were jazzed about their animal research! I love, love, love the photo of the three heads together. Thank you for sharing.

Linda B said...

They're just marvelous, Betsy. I love the illustrations (good prep helps!), & especially that dog's tongue hanging out! But I really love that you supported their need for audience and their choice of who. How great & empowering to give them all that experience, plus the actual sharing too. Woo hoo-you all should celebrate!

Robin said...

What an awesome project Betsy! I love the pictures and the examples. It's inspiring to read about your journey and hear how proud they were of their writing. The picture of the kids with their heads together just really tells it all, doesn't it? Love this! Thanks for sharing the whole process.