Monday, April 23, 2012

Have You Heard...


As I read this weekend, that is what I kept hearing myself say. The connections that I can hardly wait to make with my students await me and I have books to thank.

First up, The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool

A book that repeats "enough is enough and not one stitch more," is a touching story of a child who spins the clouds into fine thread and fabric. I am teaching a unit on Earth materials in science, and although I know clouds cannot be spun into happy frugal garments, it is a sweet thought.

I hope to connect this story to another wonderful find this week called, More, by I. C. Springman. It shows what happens when a bird collects too many things for the nest. It has great vocabulary and I think my students will be able to see the comparison between the two stories.

In celebration of all things Earth and curiosity comes The Curious Garden, by Peter Brown. This is a lovely story of a boy who stumbles upon a small patch of an abandoned garden in his urban town. This story's message spreads the idea of community and something as simple and special as a garden which is personified as spreading curiously through the city!

Then a touch of humor for my students, this book is sure to please them because when I read it, they are who I immediately thought of. They often have a story in their mind and when they go to write it, something else comes out! This book, The Obstinate Pen by Frank W. Dormer, spins a hilarious tale of silliness and innocence. It reminded me that all stories are inside of us and come out when ready and given the opportunity. My own little interpretation of the text, but meaningful to me all the same!

A happy week of reading is ahead!


Anonymous said...

I too recently found and enjoyed The Curious Garden. The Obstinate Pen sounds like a great one to share.

Teacher said...

"The connections that I can hardly wait to make with my students await me and I have books to thank."

What a wonderful sentiment. That needs to be printed in a beautiful font and framed in a lovely frame, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing, Enjoy your week with books!

Linda B said...

What a terrific foursome, Betsy. All look so good, but I am curious about that final one, The Obstinate Pen. Great fun. I hope you'll tell a little of what the students thought!

Robin said...

This looks like a great collection of books for the week Betsy! I would also like to hear about what your students say after hearing The Obstinant Pen! Enjoy!