Friday, April 27, 2012

A Wavy Week

This week's Poetry Friday round-up is hosted by Tabatha Yeatts at The Opposite of Indifference.

Lately I feel like I am seeking more and sorting everything. I am using a writer's notebook over the past few weeks more thoughtfully, intentionally. I am reading with clearer vision and seeking interpretation. I am processing, reflecting, trying to look into my future, seeking...something. I don't know what but I feel the impending impatience. The act of composing, scratching out and rewriting seems to be biding me time as I wander through all these words in my head. The following poems are combinations of my discontent and content within my world these days.


Waves of words
wash over me.
Do you know of this
sea I speak of?
The waves bring treasure.
Sometimes jumbles
of disorganized chaos.
Each wave brings


A speck
Becomes a mass
Without consideration
A rapid


Kneading and slicing the wind.
Intersecting each burst.
Tilting past each pause.
Easy landing.

Chalking on pavement
Eraseable graffiti
Creates playful words

I hope you will chalk some poetry and share with me on April 30th! If you are curious enough to read more, check out the full description of our chalking celebration here! I just bought a whole lot of chalk, go get yours!


Linda B said...

Wow-enough chalk for your whole driveway! I like that chalk poem-eraseable & graffit sound good. As for the other poems-love the questioning in each, wonderful about your emotions & the feelings swirling around. It might be that you're almost finished wtih school?

Jim Hill said...

I like them all, but really enjoyed Speculation. I also love driveway chalk events!

Betsy Hubbard said...

My students created chalk art all over the sidewalk in front of my school Friday, it was quite a lot of fun! We needed a lot of chalk! I think the end of the year always brings so many questions, always a strange transition.

Betsy Hubbard said...

Thanks Jim. At the end of the year everyone seems to fall victim to some form of speculation!

Robin said...

I love your poems...maybe it is your anticipation of more chalk poems! Maybe it is the end of the year, as Linda suggested. Maybe it means big things for you next year? Hard to know and sometimes even harder to wait!

Betsy Hubbard said...

I just feel so antsy waiting and wondering what is to come.

Mary Lee said...

Speculation and Wavering are GREAT titles!
Love the acrostic in kite -- we just saw one in the park while we were wandering around looking for the perfect spot for me to chalk today's poem!